Belles Fundraiser For A Veteran’s Honor

“Honor” Helps A Hero This Holiday Season

Your donation will go to the expense of training Honor to be a service dog for a most deserving Veteran.

Each donation goes directly to cover the cost of training, boarding, veterinary expenses, and will provide a Lone Survivor Foundation Veteran recipient with the supplies needed to take care of Honor appropriately in her new home. Your donation is 100% Tax Deductible.

The Belles of Houston would love for you to partner with us by donating to this worthy cause. Please help us! Give now to those who have already given for US.

A Dog's Love Can Heal Wounds

Every 22 minutes, a Veteran dies from suicide. This doesn’t have to happen. It can start with YOU! Having a service dog that is trained specifically to assist with the daily struggles of PTSD, anxiety or depression, can make all the difference in the live of a Veteran.

There are many studies that have been conducted on service dogs and emotional support dogs for Veterans with PTSD. These studies have shown that service dogs will distract a Veteran who is having a nightmare, anxiety, flashbacks and various other symptoms by nudging, pawing or licking them.

Getting a Veteran to change their focus on the dog helps them to relax and trains them to redirect their thoughts to something positive. Overtime, these service dogs help to heal the silent wounds our Veterans have with their love.

Honor will be a fully trained service dog but more importantly, she will be a loyal and trusted companion!

Meet Honor

Honor is an incredibly special young lady! She was purchased on Valentine’s Day last February at the Kiss for the Cure Fundraiser in Houston. Tracey Girouard, Executive Board Member, was in attendance when they presented this adorable puppy during the live auction and she couldn’t help but think about bidding. Her immediate thought was to give her to a veteran as a support dog. During the auction, the bids were at a plateau and the MC came over to Tracey to try and nudge her to bid higher. He asked her if the dog was for her husband and jokingly said “wasn’t he worth it”? After explaining the intended recipient would be a veteran, the audience was so moved that several other attendees along with the competing bidder decided instead to put their money towards this special cause! The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was thrilled at the outcome and The Belles of Houston began a new mission!

First, we needed a trainer and so the search began. As fate would have it, we were put in touch with The Rescue for PTSD. Laura Murray and her team agreed to accept Honor and at 9 weeks she began her training basics. She is currently 11 months old and has quite a few skills under her collar! She has passed both the AKC STAR Puppy and AKC Canine Good Citizen tests, in addition to mastering the skills required for the service dog Public Access Test. In addition to her advanced obedience, she has learned a multitude of service tasks in preparation to help her Veteran. She will fetch a medical kit from anywhere in the house, she will fetch her leash to encourage a walk, she will sit and bark until assistance comes if her person were to fall down and need help, she alerts to anxiety and will give deep pressure therapy, she heels in front and behind her person to give them more space in public settings, she will sit in a designated“place”until released, and will fetch dropped objects. She has been very well socialized for public places (stores, grocery, Dr offices, restaurants) and is great with children, adults, other dogs and cats. Her obedience skills include waiting before going in and out of doors or a vehicle, laying under her person’s legs in public to get out of the way, and riding in elevators. She also loves to just be a dog – hiking, swimming, doing agility courses, going for walks, and her favorite – snuggling! You can see pictures of Honor’s progress on her webpage HERE, and watch videos of Honor performing most of her skills by visiting her YouTube channel HERE.

The Rescue for PTSD

The Rescue for PTSD is a 100% volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization that adopts rescue and shelter dogs and train them to be service dogs for Veterans suffering with PTSD at no charge to the Veteran. Their main service is fully training service dogs, but due to the overwhelming need, they also offer a Group Program for Houston-area Veterans. This monthly program helps Veterans train their dogs themselves with assistance from The Rescue for PTSD trainers in a group setting.


Contact Information

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