Vice President

Karen has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, starting her career in 1991 at Perry Tritech in Jupiter, Florida. She was a customer sales and service representative at Perry Tritech before moving to Houston in 2007 to change careers with Seanic Ocean Systems, a start-up tooling & engineering company in Business Development.

She is employed with Mako Oilfield Services as Account Executive-Technical Staffing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Tubing, Equipment Rental, Inspection Services.

She is dedicated and passionate about giving back to those who have selflessly given themselves to their country and heroically maintained our freedom.

Fun Facts About Karen: I know the 50 states alphabetically, I can hum, click my tongue, smack my lips, rub my head and pat my stomach while jumping on one leg spinning in a circle at the same time…. quite the circus act.


Contact Information

PO Box 79904
10505 Town Country Way
Houston, TX 77279